The Judge should obey the laws, the people should obey the Judge

Law Maker

Law Maker

Main part of the Game

  • The judge is adjudicator in the court, he listens all the witness and evidence provided by the prosecution and the defence.
  • On the basis of the witness and the evidences,judge decide whether a person is guilty or not.
  • If a person proved a guilty, then a sentenced is passed according to the law.

Cases Solved

Our law makers will help you through out your case unless it is solved.

  • Solved family disputes.
  • Solved Professional Disputes.
  • Solved Foeships.
  •  Solved Murder Cases
  • Solved self destruction matters and many more.
Succesfully matters solved
Listen to the witness and the testimony
Instructs The Jury and
Court rules and Procedure
Determines Guilty and

Why Choose Us

  • We will try to provide you the justice if you are innocent.
  • We will provide you a assistance in every matter.
  • During case,we will remain netural and biased.
  • Our successful rate is much higher than our  Competitors.


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